Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 61 (2018)

SALSA XXVI Proceedings

Edited by Kelsie Gillig, Rozen Neupane, Kristie Denlinger, Katie Bradford, Cristian Juarez, and Raul Martinez (Qui'chi Patlan).

Zachary Call (Purdue University)
Doing Basqueness: A Chronotopic Analysis of Basque-American Identity

David Divita (Pomona College)
Talk about the Past: Later Life and the Politics of Nostalgia

Yu-Han Lin (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
“It’s Okay since He’s Canadian:” TV Show Membership Categorization, Framing, and Morality

Miyabi Ozawa (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Co-Constructing Gender Binaries in a Japanese Interaction

Stephen Peters (McGill University)
Formalizing Boundaries in Forms of Talk: Reported Speech, Translation, Distinction, and Inclusion in Cross-Cultural Indigenous Public Discourse

Laura Elizabeth Searcy (University of Kansas)
“Don’t Forget Your Language!” Identity and Resistance as Constructed Through a Uyghur Parody

Simon Wolf, Becky Butler, and Katya Pertsova (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Dialect Diversity at the University: A Report on the Effectiveness of an Educational Initiative