Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 60 (2017)

SALSA XXV Proceedings

Edited by Hannah Foster, Michael Everdell, Katie Bradford, Lorena Orjuela, Frances Cooley, Hammal Al Bulushi & Ambrocio Gutierrez Lorenzo.

Gregory D. S. Anderson and Bikram Jora (Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages)
The linguistic ecology of ‘particularly vulnerable tribal’ groups in Middle India: State-mediated ethnolinguistic erasure and neocolonialist ‘development’

Lyle Campbell (University of Hawai’i Manoa)
Language Contact and Language Documentation: Whence and Whither?

Julia Fine (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Persistence of prosodic patterning in borrowed conjunctions: The case of staupi and pet'am

Mary Kate Kelly (Tulane University)
The Scribe’s Hand Betrays His Tongue: Diglossia among the Ancient Maya

Maria Khachaturyan (University of Helsinki Humanities Programme)
Christianity, language contact and language change

Aisulu Kulbayeva (Georgetown University)
Polycentricity of Linguistic Landscape: The case study of a northern town in Kazakhstan

Isaac Muhando (Tulane University)
“Niaje? Uuh poa”: Structural Re-alignment and Convergence in Sheng

Mark Visonà (Georgetown University)
Language Attitudes and Linguistic Landscapes of Malawi

Anthony K. Webster (University of Texas at Austin)
Why Tséhootsooí does not equal Kit Carson Dr.: Reflections on Navajo place-names and the inequalities of languages