Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 58 (2015)

SALSA XXIII Proceedings

Kendra Calhoun
“It is the worst of our time”: Youth language, language attitudes, and arguments about literally

Hannah Carlan
“Dented, Painted, and Proud”: Satire on Indian Social Media after the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape

Alecia Davis
'Quel français?': Observations of Language Ideologies and Louisiana at LSU’s 'table française'

Hemanga Dutta & P.Rajeswari
Language Attitudes, Code Mixing and Social Variables: Evidence from bilingual speakers of Hyderabad

Jan David Hauck
Language mixing and metalinguistic awareness of Aché children

Aimee J. Hosemann
Wanano/Kotiria women’s "kaya basa" ‘sad songs’ as borders between sexes and discourse genres

Megan Kennedy
"You Should Speak 'Kazakhsha':" Scales and Super-Diverity

Velda Khoo
Simultaneous Indexicalities: Linguistic Variation in Political Speech in Singapore

Gwynne Mapes
Multivoicing via Parentheses and Scare Quotes in 'Bon Appétit'

Teruko Vida Mitsuhara
From Elision to Conversion: Guru English as Language of Enchantment

Salikoko S. Mufwene
The Evolution of Language as Technology: The Cultural Dimension

Sandhya Krittika Narayanan
One State, One People, Two Languages? Telugu, Urdu, and the Shift in Border Politics in India

Natasha Shrikant
The Construction of Asian American Identities through Organizational Discourse

Yuki Tanaka-McFarlane
Re-examining the Role of Language Documentation as a Medium in Relation to Language Renewal Efforts, ‘Purity’ Ideologies and Affects among Belizean Mopan Speakers

Shannon Ward
Style and Standardization: A Case Study of Tibetan Family Interaction in Greater New York (.pdf)

Full Schedule (.pdf)