Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 57 (2014)

SALSA XXII Proceedings


Yeon-ju Bae
"Deep" Prayer and "Heated" Prayer: Agency and Sincerity in a Korean Protestant Church

Ariana Bancu
Language Selection in Code-Switching: An Analysis of Nouns from Romanian-English Code-Switching

Meredith Byrnes
Language Ideologies for Educational Success: Deconstructing the Notion of the Ideal Parent and Student in One Mexican-Immigrant Family

Giulia Cabras
Uyghur-Chinese Code Switching in Xinjiang Urban Areas: Structural Aspects and Social Motivations

Staci Defibaugh
Agency of Intention and the Neo-liberal Ideology in Diabetes Narratives

Luke Fleming
Whorfian Pragmatics Revisited: Language Anti-Structures and Performativist Ideologies of Language

Lisa Jeon & Samantha Mauney
"As Much As I Love You, I'll Never Get You to Understand": Political Discourse and 'Face' Work on Facebook

Gwendolyn Sarah Kirk
Language Ideologies and Verbal Art in Pakistani Cinema: The Punjabi 'Baṛhak'

Rebeca Martínez Gómez
Language Ideology in Mexico: The Case of 'Fresa' Style in Mexican Spanish

Carrie P. Mastley
Relevance Theory and Constructed Female Nerdiness in CBS's "The Big Bang Theory"

Barbra A. Meek
Scaling Fluency

Anthony K. Webster
In Favor of Sound: Linguistic Relativity and Navajo Poetry

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