Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 55 (2012)

SALSA XX Proceedings

Lynnette Arnold
"Como que era Mexicano": Cross-dialectal passing in Transnational Migration

Patricia Cukor-Avila, Lisa Jeon, Patricia Rector, Chetan Tiwari, Zak Shelton
"Texas--It's Like a Whole Nuther Country": Mapping Texans' Perceptions of Dialect Variations in the Lone Star State

Evelyn Dean-Olmsted
Arabic Words in the Spanish of Syrian Jewish Mexicans: "A Case for 'Heritage Words'

Leah C. Geer
Sources of Variation in Mongolian Sign Language

Jessica Grieser
[t]inking about Takoma: Race, Place, and Style at the Border of Washington, D.C.

Vijay John
Dialect Variation in Romani and its implications for Romani historical linguistics

Kelly Murphy
The Hawaiian Prosodic Imprint on Hawaii Creole English

Shawn Warner-Garcia
What's up with y'all?: Sociopragmatic versatility in the "battle of the pronouns"

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