Texas Linguistics Forum Vol. 54 (2011)

SALSA XIX Proceedings

Keynote Speakers

Michael Silverstein
Tawkin' Metalinguistic Troot t'Joynalistic Pahwah: New York Times, Indeed

Lars Hinrichs
The Sociolinguistics of Diaspora: Language in the Jamaican Canadian Community

Steve Clayman
Question Design and Political Positioning: Policing the Boundaries of the Mainstream

Elaine Chun
Translating Ching Chong: Contexts of Meaning and the Meaning of Context


Aimee Lawrence
Fanfiction: Adventure, Romance, and Mock Spanish

Amelia Tseng

DJ Stances, Station Goals: Performing Identity on a Bilingual Arizona Radio Show

Natalie A. Jung
Real Time Changes in the Vowel System of Central Texas English

Brad B. Miller

Caste as a facet of dialectal variation in spoken Telugu

Jie Cui and Wenhao Diao
Recontextualizing "Chinese" in Hu Jintao and Ma Ying-Jeou's New Year Speeches

Ana Kuzmanovic Jovanovic

Preserving the Integrity of National Identity: Metaphors for Kosovo in Serbian Political Discourse

Antonio Reyes
Strategies of Legitimization in Discourse: Bush, Obama and the War on Terror

Cala Zubair
Ideologies of Purity and Corruption: the Local Impacts of Sinhalese Nationalist Discourses

Ana María Díaz Collazos
The Japanese Immigrants in Colombia: Community, Identity and L2 Spanish Variation of Articles

Rebecca Starr
Variation in Affective Sentence-Final Particle Use and Transcription on Taiwanese Mandarin Television Dramas

Axel Bohmann and Patrick Schultz
Sacred That and Wicked Which: Prescriptivism and Change in the use of Relativizers

Aslihan Akkaya
Indexical and Iconic Use of Vernacular Lengthening Practices: A Study of Young Turkish Women's Identity Practices on Facebook

Jennifer Hall
Sweetening Public Space: Language Ideologies and Emergent Roles of Moroccan Arabic in the Media

Kathleen Shaw Points
Who is an Eastsider? Community Narrative and Ideologies of Authenticity

Anastasia Nylund
An Intertextual Analysis of Racialized Language Ideologies in Washington DC

Caleb Everett
Perceptual dialectology: The view from Amazonian Brazil

Paulina Gocheco
The Use of Personal Pronouns in Political Campaign Advertisements in the Philippines

Neșe Kaya
Competing Identities: A Discourse Analysis of Second and Third Generation Cretan Immigrants in Turkey

Netta Avineri
Socializing Yiddish Metalinguistic Community Members through the construction of Yiddish Source Languages as "Resources" or "Rivals"

Eliana Razo
Reinforcing Ideologies: the rhetorical strategies utilized by large-scale media and Spanish-language media during the nomination of Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Aya Inamori
Examination of the Quotative Markers Like, Mitaina, and their Co-occurance in Japanese/English Code-Switching

Abstracts of Presentations not included (pdf)