SALSA V Proceedings (1997)

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Altman, Heidi.
"Caught me a big 'un": Fish Tales and Southern Male Discourse.

Baum, Suzanne.
One Lexicon or Two: A Case Study of Two Bilingual Infants.

Bucholz, Mary.
Hooked on Ebonics: Cross-racial language use and linguistic ideology.

Carleton, Troi.
Poetic Structuring of Chatino Narratives: The Pear Story Revisited.

Cheek, Adrianne.
Less is More: An Analysis of Conversational Power.

Deby, Jeff.
The multifunctionality of HL*H intonation contours in televised ice-hockey commentary.

Dickel Dunn, Cynthia.
Ideology and Practice in Japanese Honorific Use.

Emmett, Keiko.
ANO(O) is more than "um": Interactional functions of ANO(O) in Japanese conversation.

Field, Margaret.
Retention of Norms for Language Use in an Indigenous Community Undergoing Language Shift: A Look at Interaction in a Navajo Preschool.

Gordon, Matthew.
Early Adopters of Language Change in Small Towns.

Grocer, Jennifer.
Conversational Repair in the Co-Construction of Gendered Discourse: Donahue and the Creation of a Feminized Discursive Space.

Hearn, Laura M.
Reading, Writing and Romance: Literacy, Love Letters, and Agency in a Nepali Village.

Ilie, Cornelia.
The Discursive Functions of Rhetorical Questions in American Talk Shows.

Inoue, Miyako.
Defamiliarizing Japanese women's language: discourse positionality, and the critique of linguistic ideology.

Jacobs, Andrea.
Exposing the ideology governing linguistic prescription in modern Israeli Hebrew.

Jacobs-Huey, Lanita
We Are Just Like Doctors, We Heal Sick Hair: Professional and Cultural Discourses of Hair and Identity in a Black Hair Care Seminar.

Kapchan, Deborah.
"Exchanging Lies: Divining Intention in Marketplace Language".

Klecan-Aker, Joan and Pamela Innes.
An Investigation of Linguistic Diversity in Comanche Pre-School Children.

Kroeber, Paul.
The performance of specialized literacy in a Salish Language.

McDonell, Mary Ann.
"It Hurts Only When I Laugh:" A Study of the Functions of Laughter in Everyday Conversation.

Milroy, Leslie.
Gender, social class and supra-local norms: dialect levelling as language change.

Ochs, Elinor.
Narrating Lives in the Balance.

Rothblatt, Jennifer.
Co-Constructing Gender and Status in the Talk of White Middle-Class Second Graders.

Sidnell, Jack.
Metapragmatic Frames and Spatial Orientation in an Indo-Guyanese Village: a developmental perspective.

Silverstein, Michael.
Where do 'cultural concepts' come from? An 'analogical' homage to Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897-1941).

Suslak, Daniel.
The Burning Old Woman: Zoque Explanations of the Eruption of Volcan Chichonal.

Tetrault, Chantal.
Strategically splitting the self: constructions of responsibility in talk about immigration.

Wilce, Jim.
On Lamenting Death and the Death (?) of Lament.